Welcome to Life With Vicki!

We are Leon, Vicki, Andrea, Akina, Journey, and Justice

(Left to Right; Top to Bottom)

We are an unique family! Allergy-friendly, raw vegan, spiritual parenting, afterschooling, and more! Just a family trying to live off the grid or at least closest to it living in the urban community.


Tips & Tricks

Is it possible to have a large family and live on a fix/budgeted income? Oh its possible! From saving hacks, to couponing, and even downsizing! There are ways to save and make money on a small income with a large family! Check out our blog for different ways to help you get back on track.

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Love is our religion!

We don't have a specific religion. You may hear us reference the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, or just simply the words energy, frequency, universe, meditation, chakras.

This isn't to scare you away, but help you understand that what we get is everything that we give and for us that is LOVE!

We are open to sharing our most precious moments with you on our marriage, parenting, beliefs, and anything else in our life!

We strive for a positive, uplifting, and respectful environment. With that said, trolls aren't welcome! Page is monitor to remove any negative comments or energy from the interweb as we believe all energy can travel far even with your finger tips!

Life with Vicki is No Bullshit Zone with No rejections or judgement!


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Yes, we do share our lives with others. The ups and downs even the nitty gritty stuff. Sometimes I share on the blog, but there are times I would like to record memories to look back on and reflect. Especially seeing the kids so small compared to how they look now. Check out our Youtube Channel for Vlogs, extra reviews, tricks, and tips!